Beautiful Kitchen Roman Shades Home has several parts. Every part of home need some treatments. Look at your home! Which part of home that needs some treatments? Try to look your window! Window is part of home that has function as window circulation and beautify the home interior. Window needs some treatments. There are some treatments that you can do for window, as follow applying curtains, blinds, and roman shades. Maybe you have known about applying curtains and blinds.

How about applying roman shades? In this article, I would like to discuss roman shades. Roman shades are the other alternatives of window treatments besides applying curtains or blinds. Roman shades have a function that similar with the other window treatments, they are used for filtering the sun rays that enters to the room. But, roman shades are different with blinds. Roman shades are enclosed, there are no gaps like blinds. Roman shades are made of fabric. You can choose plain fabric or patterned fabric.

Floral patterned fabric is commonly used for roman shades. It is so beautiful. How to install roman shades on the window? It is so easy. Of course, firstly, you have to prepare a long fabric. There are two ways of installing roman shades. The first way is you just expand the fabric on both sides of window. You need some bamboos that installed on every side of window in order that the roman shades are installed tightly.

The second way is you have to make some folding of the fabric. Then, you can install it on the window. It becomes the beautiful roman shades. Roman shades can be found in the shops around. You can also go online for purchasing it. The price depends on the design.