Black Blinds Have you really paid attention to your house? Indeed, house is like diamond that we always keep. House has many parts, in which every part of house should be kept and given a treatment. Window is one part of the house. Window is used for air circulation and the complement of home interior.

I think you will not let the window empty. The window should be given a window treatment. It purposes in order that the window look nice and interesting. There are some window treatments, applying curtains, applying blinds, applying window shades, and cleaning the window.

In this article, I would like to talk about applying blinds. Applying blinds is a kind of simple window treatment. Blinds are the decoration of the door and the window. Blinds have important function for the window, moreover for glass window. What if the window is empty without blinds? Of course, the sun rays will enter easily to the room and it will make your room look dazzled. So that, applying blinds is recommended.

Blinds can filter the sun rays that enters to the room. Blinds filter the sun rays through small gaps on the blinds. So that, there is not too much sun rays in the room. Blinds have two designs, horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds are commonly used for narrow window, whereas vertical blinds are used for wider window or sliding glass door.

Blinds are also available in various sizes and colors. Just choose blinds based on your favorite. You can also choose the materials for blinds, such as wood, vinyl, aluminium, etc. Wood blinds can give the warmth, cosines, and inviting atmosphere. Vinyl blinds are suitable for high humidity room.

They can resist the moisture that can cause warping and bending. Whereas, aluminium blinds are durable and do not need high maintenance. Also, they have low price. Blinds are good and simple window treatment. Just choose blinds that suitable with the room design.