GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 6.40 For Android

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In this world of growing technology we all have been indulge into our smartphone in everyday basis, and likewise many people use WhatsApp to make life easier in terms of calling or texting people within the limited options in official Whatsapp, but now we came up with an amazing messenger called GBWhatsApp, a pure alternate to official WhatsApp.

How often you ever realized that your whatsapp is somehow limited the usage way. Things like features we call, locking system, privacy, security and cool features to make things easy is now available for Whatsapp users. In today’s article we will be sharing the latest version of GBWhatsApp apk download this application to unveil all the cool features you can do using WhatsApp. BEYOND ITS LIMIT ! 😀

GBWhatsApp is an unofficial Application from an official WhatsApp we use on a regular basis, the developer of GBWhatsapp is Omar, he created this famous and popular application for the users who want to use dual Whatsapp and its features. This modded application can do many things which your normal WhatsApp cannot do. It was launched in 2017 and there are huge fan following and downloads till date on this modded Android application. GBWA will be always the first selections over rest of the similar modded applications. It is called Trust, millions of people use this GBwhatsapp and the popularity is increasing day by day, you can download this app from the below direct download link.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download 2018

GBWhatsApp Apk Download 2018

GBWhatsApp Apk Download 2018

App Size35 MB
Ratings4.2 +
CategoryWhatsApp Mods
Installs10 Million +
SupportsAndroid 2.0 +
UpdatedApril 2018
GBWhatsApp App Android | Information And Features

GBWhatsApp cannot be taken lightly. It is one of the most highly enhanced and powerful with lots of features and that is a pure alternative to official WhatsApp application. This new alternate is only for people who loves tricks, tweaks, custom mods and enhanced features embed on it.

It is important to know that the level of experience you will gain using this gbwa whatsapp mod application will change the way you live your life in a regular basis, it will change the way of using your whatsapp in every field, Everyday you will get to know the new features and most probally you really dont need to pay anything using this apk application on your Android. So below the top gb whatsapp wa modded features with tweaks at brief.

#1 Dual WhatsApp

Have you heart about Parallel Space app? Yes you might have, That application is not secure as a report and investigation from GadgetsNow, Supercell, and few more sites and some are like Quora. So the last and better option we have is the gbwa, Dual Whatsapp means you will get getting two different identity with different account and like what you have this whatsapp feature in only with GBWhatsApp app.

#2 Safe & Secure

GB Whatsapp is fully safe and secure and this the mod developers are even made that claim, the thing is simple, if you create app who only does care about your privacy and user experience then the developers are good. It prevents intruders or hackers from stealing data from your whatsapp, its HIGH END SECURE!

#3 Customization

The most amazing point on this topic is the FEATURES. There are lots of amazing tweaks and mods inside gb whatsapp apk are embed which helps users to customise the whole whatsapp experience using some cool features which also helps transforming the look and way of using the app, the way of using means the user experience UI. Overall this all features will make you Pro for sure because its having custom theam and you will get regular updates with more powerful and clearer app.

#4 Enhanced Features

How do you feel when a new feedback came to your mind and wanted to share with the official Whatsapp team? Do they ever reply you? Its hard to tell if they even see the feedback much, The only reason few people still using Official Whatsapp is the propaganda living inside the, the users things its way more secure, but the thing is only secure doesn’t help if the features aren’t available.

Its annoying when we stuck inside the application with limited source of features using in regular basis. well how can I say if you get interesting features on your WhatsApp like playing games, themes changing, requesting features to direct developers? Yes it is possible, below I have listed top features of gbwa mod:

  • New Chat Emojis
  • Hide chats mod added
  • HD quality images sharing
  • Copy message text
  • Status limit 255 characters
  • Video limit up to 50 MB
  • Block calls & messages
  • 24 hours online mod
  • 35 characters group name
  • 600 members broadcast
  • Change language option
  • Download story option
  • WhatsApp lock mod
  • Much More..

#5 Data Information Privacy!

Now we should jump into the Privacy stuff, If you want to be a pro in using whatsapp and showing your friends that you have more features than theirs then you will definitely be a PRO there, in Official whatsapp we have seen the new update came with hiding read receipts or deleting the send message, but really are we going to stuck within that features?

There are lots of ideas which should be implemented to make this world better and advanced in more ethical way, This modded whatsapp apk will provide you using tha lot more features in the name of PRIVACY, you can hide last seen, blue ticks, online status, double ticks, etc. Tweaks are loaded with features using gb whatsapp mod.

How To Install Dual WhatsApp (GBWhatsApp) On Android?

This is a installation tutorial of gbwhatsapp mod on your Android phone! Below is the requirements to install gb whatsapp:

– GBWhatsApp Apk File
– Amdroid 4.0 + Version
– Technical Knowledge

WhatsApp GB Installation Procedure

Before you proceed the installation, you need to download the latest version gbwhatsapp apk from the direct to download link provided. There are few requirements which have been mentioned already, it should be at least Android Version 4.0 or up to install gb whatsapp on your device.

Also make sure you have selected unknown source on your Android section, It can be found under Settings -> “Privacy or Security” from there you need to enable the unknown sources, check out the below image for confirmation. After completion of download you can start following the below steps:

Screenshot_20180604-185011 GBWhatsapp FireBWall


After your valid confirmation that you have turned on or enabled unknown sources then you are absolutely ready for the installation of gbwa mod. All you need to do now is, just find the downloaded gb whatsapp apk file under your file manager.

it can be found under download section of UC browser if you have downloaded from UCbrowser, or else if you have downloaded from local browser or from Chrome then you can find straight to the download section just after clicking on file manager. Just there tap on the file and proceed with the installation on the device, check the image below on installation prompt.

Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Download


GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

Finally you have installed the gbwhatsapp latest whatsapp mod on your device, now you all need to make yourself registered on that gbwa mod, place your phone number you want to have chat with your friends, this is just similar app from the official WhatsApp app which is provided from Facebook Inc.

After providing your phone number then you will be asked for SMS access grant by the app, now it depends if you want gbwa to access your phone messages or not, you an even deny it and proceed and you will receive the SMS verification Code, type the code and your phone number is registered.

After that verification you will be asked to synchronized your data from official whatsapp to the gbwhatsapp, you can tap on “copy whatsapp data” button, Now your profile picture will auto update also you will see your friends list on the gbwa. Now you are pretty sure to use the latest version of gbwa exciting features.

After everything is done you are about to uncover some amazing features on your gbwhatsapp, just open the app and you will find icon on the right bottom corner, tap on it and tab on that brush icon, that icon is the Theme design and its features. I am 100% sure that you will become die-hard fan of gbwhatsapp, there are many options of UI, select as per you like. Check out the images you may find help.

GBWA Disclaimer

Using this Modded application is safe and secure, there are more than 100k+ installation at present, and this modded whatsapp is the only best, safe and secure application which protect your privacy in terms of chat texts, media sharing using end to end encryption just like an official whatsapp.

There is an official site of this application, we do not hold any copyrights on this application nor we own this apk file, The file is genuine and belongs to the gbmods site, it is sure you can download the gbwhatsapp from our site by clicking on the provided link, the file is stored on the owners database, you may be redirected to their page and will be able to download the file.

Video Tutorial

Changelog (6.40)

Enabled Payments
DND Mode Added
Latest Base Update
New Emojis Added
New Icons & Themes
Added New Languages
Enabled Mention Button
New Tweaks & Mods Added
Bug Fixes & Improvements
Auto Reply Feature Added
Anti Revoke Feature Added
Enabled Group Description
Added Images & Video Filters
Revoked Messages Notifications
Check Changelog For More Details

Final Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed reading and following the instructions on downloading & installing latest version of gbwhatsapp mod on Android, everything from the beginning to the end is done here, you are just awesome that you have successfully downloaded the pro version of WhatsApp, I know you may unveil many features soon after the download. You can bookmark our site or can share it with your friends who really needs such application on their Android smartphone. You may find many different android applications or APK in this site, so don’t forget to remember this site.

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