Beautiful Window Shade For Window Treatments Keeping the house is a must. House is like a diamond. It is very precious and has high value. House has some parts that should be paid attention. All parts of house should be kept well in order that it always looks nice. One part of house is window.

Window is used for air circulation and the complement of home interior. Of course, you will not just let your window without anything. You have to do window treatments. Window treatments are anything that you can do for the window. It purposes to make the window look nicer and can beautify your house.

There are some window treatments that you do. Here is it. 1. Curtain for window treatments Curtain is one of window treatments that commonly applied. Curtain is used for reducing the sun rays that enters to the room. Curtain has many kinds of designs. In applying the curtain, you have to adjust the room and the curtain. For living room or bedroom, long curtain is commonly applied.

Long curtain can make the room look more elegant and spacious. For kitchen or bathroom, you can use small curtain that has chic shape and pattern. 2. Blind for window treatments Blind is one of window treatments that simple and easy. Blind is used for filtering the sun rays that enters to the room. It filters through small gaps on the blind. So that, the sun rays that enters to the room is not too much.

Blind is made of various materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminium, etc. Blind has two design, vertical blind and horizontal blind. Blind is also available in various sizes. 3. Window shade for window treatments Actually, window shade is almost similar with blind. It is also simple and easy. But, it is more enclosed, so there are no small gaps on the window shade.

The material that used for window shade is fabric. It looks beautiful. 4. Window treatments by cleaning the window Cleaning the window is important to do. Moreover, for glass window, it must be cleaned regularly. It is easy to do. Firstly, clean the window by using a duster. It purposes to heal the dust on the window. Then, clean it by using liquid cleanser and sponger. It purposes to heal the bacteria and make the window look glossy. Those are window treatments that you can do in your home. Have a nice try!