How To Update Android Safely And Securely

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Updating Android is important to fix security holes and ensure compatibility with new applications.

Updating Android goes a long way in improving the performance of your phone. The system update process directly influences the safety of your device. But why?

Every day new codes and technologies are developed by hackers to be able to hack into cell phones and steal sensitive user data. Therefore, the updates generally seek to implement smarter security software , which reinforces protection, fixes glitches, and closes possible vulnerabilities in the system.

How to update Android safely from your phone

Although it is a simple process, it is very common for most people to ignore the automatic update warning. By following the walkthrough below, you can update Android manually at any time with complete security.

1. The first step is to identify the current version of your Android. To do this, go to Settings and select About phone.

In some cell phones the version appears on the first screen, others need to select Software Information.

2. In the second step you will start the update. This process can vary from cell to cell.

On the Settings screen , look for Software Update. If it does not find it , select Over Phone again and look for System Update .

How to update Android safely from your computer?

Another way to update Android is to access the brand site of your phone. Each of them provides software that is responsible for updating mobile devices.

After identifying the existence of an update, download and install the application available on the manufacturer’s website. Then connect the device to the computer through its USB cable and open the installed application.

As this next step is different in each program, look in the menus or icons for some reference on updating the available version. When you find it, confirm the update and wait for the procedure to finish.

The lab team ensures that these are the safest ways to update Android. Other unofficial alternate updates that involve the root procedure are not indicated as they may compromise the phone’s operation, causing it to overheat frequently, turn itself off, and then turn itself off.

In addition, if your phone is still in the warranty period, you may lose this benefit by changing the original device settings.

The release of new versions of Android software and its patches takes a while to reach the market. In addition, according to Emilio Simoni, Director of dfndr lab, most intrusions do not only occur because of security breach, it occurs because the user installs an infected app thinking that it is a legitimate app.

“Hence the importance of having an antivirus installed in the cell phone to keep the security of your data and your device up-to-date, “explains Simoni.

When choosing an option, give preference to an anti-virus with anti-phishing and anti-hacking technologies, such as dfndr security .

It can perform automatic checks whenever an app is downloaded, run full sweeps across the Android system, and send security alerts whenever the user accesses a fake site or receives an infected link from WhatsApp and Facebook.

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