Chic Fireplace Mantel Fireplace is something that must be owned by the people who live in the country that has four seasons. When winter season is coming, the weather is very cold. I think you prefer staying at home. The existence of fireplace in your home is very helpful. Fireplace can give a warmth for your home. Actually, fireplace has a function not only to give a warmth, it can also beautify your home interior.

Many designs of fireplace are developed in modern today. Just choose your favorite design. Fireplace has several parts, as follow fireplace screen, fireplace insert, and fireplace mantel. Among several parts of fireplace, there is a part of fireplace that can be decorated. It is fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantel is the top part of fireplace. Commonly, fireplace mantel is made of wood, brick, or stone.

The existence of fireplace mantel can be the complement of the beauty of fireplace design. To make it look more beautiful, you have to give little decoration for fireplace mantel. There are some ideas for fireplace mantel decoration. Fireplace mantel decoration can be changed based on your needs. Or, you can adjust fireplace mantel decoration with the theme of celebration.

Here, I give you some ideas for fireplace mantel decoration: 1. Fireplace mantel decoration for Christmas day Christmas day is identical with green, red, and white color. You can put some pine’s leaves, Christmas wreath, flowers, bells, snow dolls on the fireplace mantel. 2. Fireplace mantel decoration for Thanksgiving day Thanksgiving day is identical with autumn season.

Fireplace mantel decoration for Thanksgiving day should be related to autumn season. You can put pumpkins, Thanksgiving wreath, crannies on the fireplace mantel. 3. General fireplace mantel decoration When you do not celebrate the event, you should also decorate the fireplace mantel. You can apply many things to the fireplace mantel, such as photos, potted plants, flowers, books, etc. Decorating fireplace mantel is a nice thing. It can beautify your home interior.