Black Ceiling Fan The hot weather in the summer can make you feel uncomfortable. You often get thirty and sweaty. I think you can’t stay longer in the hot weather. You are uncomfortable in doing some activities. You can’t sleep comfortably, you can’t work comfortably. So that you need a freshness in your home. You can install air conditioner or fan. But, you need a high cost to purchase air conditioner.

I think you prefer choosing the cheap one. Installing fan is a good idea. There are various fan designs that you can choose, as follow, portable fan, exhaust fan, industrial fan, and ceiling fan. In this article, I will discuss ceiling fan. Ceiling fan is commonly used in any types of building, such as in home, school, office, etc. Ceiling fan is the most choices of fan because it can give you many advantages.

Of course, ceiling fan is installed below the ceiling. Because of that, ceiling fan can give a freshness thoroughly to the room. Ceiling fan has bigger propeller than the other fans. The power of big propeller can give more freshness to the room. Commonly, there are three, four, or more than four propellers in each ceiling fan. Ceiling fan has many kinds of designs. From the simple design until the beautiful design.

Ceiling fan that has simple design usually has three propeller and its function is just to give a freshness. Whereas, ceiling fan that has beautiful design usually completed with lamp. So that, it has double function, to give a freshness and to give a light. Ceiling fan also has many propeller designs, such as rectangle propeller, leaves propeller, circle propeller, etc. Ceiling fan can be found in the electronic shop around you. Or, you can go online to purchase ceiling fan. The price of ceiling fan depends on the design.