iPhones X, 8 And 7 Are Faster Than Galaxy S9

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iPhones X, 8 And 7 Are Faster Than Galaxy S9: In recent years, a lot of people have complained when Apple introduces a new iPhone, even when it gets a major architectural change as was the case of X in 2017. It is common to hear phrases like ” Apple does not innovate more ,” or ” more of the same, next year I will buy a Galaxy, “and things like that. However, while these phrases lead us to think that Apple is declining and other brands are innovating, the great truth is that the smartphone market is generally slowing down in terms of news.

This weekend, Samsung introduced its new model 2018 Galaxy S9 , which has the clear intention to challenge the iPhone. However, the Korean company did not show anything innovative, even running behind some features already implemented in the apple cell phone.

Make it clear: this article is not meant to point out which of the two handsets is the best. It is not a technical evaluation article but an opinion piece intended to raise some facts and suggest some questions.

AnandTech , the leading performance measurement website , has published a preliminary analysis of the new Samsung Galaxy S9, with benchmark testing among several processors on the market.

The S9 brings two different processors depending on where it is purchased. In Europe the model comes with the Exynos 9810 processor  , designed by Samsung itself. In devices sold in the United States, China and Brazil, the chip is  Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm.

In the tests, the performance of the processor used in the S9 was inferior to the A11 of the iPhone X / 8 and even of the A10, of 2016, that equips the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Yes, even the iPhone 7 (2016) has a more performative processor than the new Galaxy S9 (2018).

In real life use, only the processor is not enough to guarantee a good performance, because everything depends on the software. And at this point, Apple is well ahead, because it has the advantage of producing the system itself (iOS) that is fully integrated with the hardware. Samsung needs to adapt to a system (Android) that was not made specifically for the devices of it.

In speed tests on internet pages (in this case, also including the software), again the apple processors are superior.

It is worth remembering that AnandTech is an independent company, known for the seriousness of its tests. They claim that these were only preliminary tests, as Samsung’s new handset has just been released. But you can already have an idea that the Korean is having difficulties in overcoming Apple in the matter of processors.


What innovations did Samsung present in the Galaxy S9? It depends on what you consider to be ” innovation . ” Some people consider any evolutionary novelty as innovation; others call it that only when something really new and that makes a difference in the life of the users. In this sense, there is no way to call anything in what was presented in S9 as “innovation”, because many things were just technical evolution’s of features that already existed or, what is worse, attempts to match things that Apple had already implemented in the iPhone.

The most obvious of all is the Emoji AR , a clear “inspiration” in the Emoji of the iPhone X. The big balcony was to allow the user to create an avatar of himself to send by messages, but the rendering is rough and childish.

Not that the Emoji of Apple have been an absurd innovation (and were not), but the same as they found ridiculous at the time of the launch of the iPhone X should, for consistency, also find it bad and lack of innovation to include this also in Samsung, agree ? Even more so because AR Emoji are inspired by what already existed in the competitor. It was ugly.

Another “new” Galaxy S9 is the front stereo sound, with a second sound output in the headset of the device, something that Apple has incorporated into the iPhone 7. If another has used, can not call it “innovation”, right?

Another inspiration at Apple? Now the S9 Plus has more stuff than the smaller S9. The Plus has more memory and dual rear camera, which allows Portrait mode (the one launched by the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016).

That is, the brand new Samsung Galaxy does not present any innovation, it is “more of the same” as they commented on the latest iPhone. So why do not we see people complaining as much as they complain about Apple, or comments like ” Samsung does not innovate any more, will I move to a Motorola “?

There are several reasons for this.

First, because the legion of people who hate Apple is huge. It is very common to see negative comments about the company on the Internet, using superficial arguments that are clearly more in hate than in real arguments. The reasons are varied, including iPhone prices in Canada, which are offensive to many users.

Second, because Apple is a technological benchmark. Since the days of Steve Jobs, we have become accustomed to being surprised with news that really made a difference in our daily lives. The first iPhone, the MacBook Air that fit in a brown envelope, the iMac G3 “abajour” that brought all the CPU inside the base itself … Presentations that made us gasp. So when we do not have things that surprise us, we do not find any more innovation . And since the rumors in recent years reveal things to us months in advance, even if Apple invents an iPhone with teleportation, we will find that this is not innovation because we have heard of it before.

The fact

Apple does not innovate anymore, so does it mean that it is failing and the others are becoming better? Think well before you answer.

The fact is, in fact, no one else in the mobile phone market is truly innovating. The competitors only present evolutions of technologies that already exist, that in the everyday of the average user ends up not influencing really great thing. Camera, battery, or processor enhancements are not really innovations, just evolutions that everyone expects.

Are we saying that Apple is perfect? Of course not. It really is not surprising us as much as it used to be, and some recent bugs on iOS have disappointed us with what we expect from it. However, we want to emphasize for those reading this text that comments like ” Apple does not innovate anymore, Samsung is giving a dance in it” are a distortion of reality (intentional or not) that try to despise the apple to enhance the Korean, without that there is a real reason for this but marketing.

Tech-savvy websites are stating that for those who have an S8, it might not be worth much switching to S9. This same comment we made here for the iPhone 8 compared to 7. The difference is that the Galaxy does not have a great longevity. The price drops when a new generation is released and the problem of not being able to update Android after a while makes the device obsolete too fast. For example, S8 users who came here last year say that he was bathed in the iPhone 7, probably by the end of 2018 will have more difficulty staying with the same handset as iPhone 7 users in the same period. The devaluation of a Samsung Galaxy in a short time is absurd.

Again: we are not claiming that Apple is better or worse than any other company. She also adopted several features that first appeared on other phones. So it’s useless to spend your keyboard in the comments pointing out the points where the S9 is better than the iPhone. What we have here to reflect on is that if it is to complain about lack of innovation , then we can complain about all brands, not just Apple.

So the next time you read someone saying ” Apple does not innovate anymore “, keep in mind that this may be a limitation of the technology itself and not of a specific company. And the reality is that if it does not innovate, no one else does.

So let us continue to push Apple to make it innovate more and more, because if we are to depend on competitors, the evolution of technology will be much slower.

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